Monday, October 25, 2010

pocket truths for one year of loss

Life prevails over death. This is the hope of Christ's resurrection. He brings new things. There may be seasons of darkness and death but LIFE reigns.

Life is victorious. We begin as dust and our bodies thrive. Then bodies wither and eventually return to dust. My father's ashes will forever be washed away in the ocean sand. Yet that is not the end. Christ once and for all defeated death and that means there is always a way for new life to form.

There is however a death that must occur. A repentance, a changing in my deeply ingrained reality that I am and will always be a victim. That my circumstances will overcome me. That I am only a mourner. Only His revelation can do this and my "putting it into practice" so to speak. I worked with young women in England this past year where I taught them: "life is half of what happens to you and the other half is what you do with it." I must eat my own words. The great power of Christ's resurrection has only just begun to be opened to me.

Although I believe in taking the Word in its context (in this case Romans is one of the best books you could want to study), this statement has much deeper meaning..."This happened because Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who brings into existence what did not exist before." (Rom 4:17).

This does not mean that hardship and death and loss will perish in this present time. No, not at all. But with it comes the promise that the story is not finished. It is just the pause, the comma, the sigh between the sentence, the "if" before the "but."

But the BUT does come.

Life and hope prevail because of Christ's resurrection and restorative power. Ask Him for yourself what the power of resurrection means.

I love you papa and I miss you deeper than I can ever express

Your and my Story continues...

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  1. Delia, you have a beautiful way of writing. I find I never want to stop reading.

    Love you friend!