Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chronicles of the Occupied Car Roof pt1

So I am going to attempt to tell how many times I have absent-mindedly left stuff on top of my car and drove away. Should I tell in order of most significant/stupid circumstance to the common everyday mistake? Or should I tell from the first time to the most recent?... which so happen to be last night. Does this mistake happen often to others? You would think that one would learn after the first, second or third time of doing it, but nope. My complex, irradic, anti-mulittasking train of thought leads me... what was I saying? Lets just start with the most recent and see how far we get:

1) After floor hockey last night, I was getting pumped up after our 17-12 win by blasting the tuneessss and singing as loud as I could. How else do you celebrate but by being obnoxiously loud and fist pumping all the way home? Well as I was about to pull out of the parking lot I heard a car honking its horn repeatedly and loudly. I was thinking, "I know we were so awesome and killed it out there but it probably doesnt deserve either the rub-it-in-their-faces-glory-honks or the im-a-degenerate-loser-and-must-tell-you-so-honks." But I stopped anyways and the car pulled up beside me. The butch and slighly intimidating goaly from the other team poked her head out of her car to say something to me. Eff. She made me have to turn down my tuneeessssss. Ever so kindly and patronizingly (can those work together? Oh the paradoxes of life!), said to me, "uhh you forgot something on top of your car." Embarrasedly I jumped out and grabbed my new metal water bottle which sat (very solidly I'll have you know) on the roof of my car. I would be lying if I admitted to never wrecking other water bottles the same way. Okay. Fine. So she saved my water bottle. But she couldnt save the 17 goals that whooped her ass last night! If there was ever an appropriate time for this term, it is now: BOOYA, BOOYA indeed.

To be continued...